Talking About: Supported Employment

One of the most important things for us to keep in mind for our individuals are the standards of supported employment. This is why our CEO, Mary West Barclay, is an active member of the GA Region 1 Supported Employment Committee, along with our guest on the blog today, Kate Brady, who is sharing a little about her experience during their most recent meeting:

This group convened with the mission to exceed state standards in Supported Employment services for adults receiving developmental disabilities services in the region. In-depth conversations identified challenges, barriers, and opportunities for improvement. While the Regional office works to collaborate with the State, this group of dedicated providers will engage in problem-solving activities across their 31-county region.

First in a series of activities will be an employment conference held for families. The event will be portable and offer an evening of information and resources relevant to employment. The committee will request collaboration from partners including Vocational Rehabilitation services, Social Security services, and Work Incentive Planning and Assistance projects. The event will be replicable and held in multiple locations across the region.

The group also identified employers as a key resource for advancing employment for people with developmental disabilities and as such has planned to join and present to local Chambers of Commerce. Upon the development of a PSA-style video about the merits and opportunities afforded to employers who engage in hiring employees with disabilities, this resource, also under discussion by the committee, will be distributed broadly to employers and community members.

Thank you, Kate, for visiting us today! We’re excited about the work the Supported Employment Committee is doing for our individuals and for the state of Georgia. Keep up the great work!

More about Kate:

Kate Brady, PhD ABD, has over 12 years of experience leading organizational, team, and individual change through the development and implementation of elaborate research endeavors. As Director of Research at the National Organization on Disability, Kate led the Return to Careers project investigating the career goals and support needs of veterans with PTSD and TBI, collaborated on the resulting development of NOD’s Intensive Career Transition Support Model™, and subsequently co-authored the Wounded Warrior Careers Demonstration report, which was published in 2013. Prior to NOD, Kate served as the Director of Employment Policy for Georgia’s State Developmental Disabilities Agency. She entered the field of disability employment by coordinating a U.S. DOL ODEP Customized Employment Grant designed to support people with high-impact of disability in reaching customized employment goals. In addition to this work, Kate has consulted nationally on best practices in the support of employment for people with disabilities.

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