A Thousand Words: In The Eyes of an Artist

A Thousand Words Part 2

She is shy about sharing her drawings with the group, but there’s a pride that still shines through, despite her misgivings. She loves to sketch, to trace, and to color, but will everyone else love what she’s done? Will they laugh at her work?

Or will they see what she sees?

Beverly stands from her chair and holds up a sketch of a dinosaur, a triceratops.

“This is one of my favorite drawings that I’ve done,” she says, shifting her feet from side to side. “I trace the ones I like most from other books and color them. I draw my own sometimes, too.”

The colors are soft and shaded between the lines. She’s careful and precise with her work. All artists are with the things they love.

A rounding chorus of “That’s pretty, Beverly!” “I like that!” and “I wish I could draw!” sound from around the room. Beverly visibly relaxes in the wake of their interest and then pulls out a whole book of her drawings, eager to show off more of her favorites.

She guides them through each page, telling a story with her words and with her pictures.

A story worth hearing.

A story worth seeing.

As all good stories are.

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