Calhoun High School Business Expo


A few of our staff members worked the annual Business Expo at Calhoun High School yesterday, including myself, our CEO, Mary Barclay, and Glenda Collins, Assistant to the CEO. It’s an important event because it not only allows us to get connected with members of the community, it also gives us the opportunity to share what we do with other employers. Since supported employment has been a big issue for us for many months now, it was only fitting that we do our part to let others in on the benefits of hiring individuals with disabilities.



We spent most of Tuesday preparing for the event and  gathering all the materials for our table. It was so much fun to get creative and think about how we could put our best foot forward. We set up goodie bags with postcards, supported employment brochures, pens, and mini notebooks, and laid out each of these items separately on the table. We also had a beautiful faux chalkboard display with a quick glimpse of what our organization is all about. Mary had the great idea to add water bottles at the last minute with stickers bearing our name and logo: “Building Bridges”. These were a great hit! Everyone gets thirsty at these things. Lots of walking! Finally, we set up a computer with “For Your Consideration” playing on a loop with copies of the DVD set out on the table in front in case anyone got curious. And they did! What a wonderful tool that DVD was to help us showcase the work our state has been doing to help individuals with disabilities gain independent lives.

We met some kind, generous people and enjoyed networking with business owners from across our city. And we can’t wait to do it again next year! Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped out.


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