Meet GCRC: Brandy McConnell, Program Services Director

Brandy Happy Friday! It’s time for another installment  in our “Meet GCRC” series and, today, we are  proud to introduce you to our fabulous  Program Services Director: Brandy McConnell.  Brandy is stylish and sweet and we can always  count on her to provide some comic relief  when work gets too stressful (because, let’s  face it, even the best jobs have hard days,  too!). Most importantly, Brandy keeps our  services in line with the goals we have set for  this organization and she ensures they will  truly benefit the individuals we support.

Hi, I’m Brandy McConnell, Program Services Director for The George Chambers Resource Center. I have been a part of the GCRC family since August 2002. I began my career as an instructional aide, next as a CNA, and further on down the road I began working with Supportive Employment before splitting duties as a Program Coordinator. Now I have the fun task of overseeing several programs under the Medicaid Waiver and State Funded Programs. I am currently working towards receiving my Bachelor’s degree from Shorter University so that one day I can push my boss out of the way and have a new title as CEO (by the way, I know Mary would find this very funny).

I really enjoy the work I do for GCRC; it is not only is fulfilling, but it also has helped me to be able to work with my son, who was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. I am proud to say that I am the mother of three teenagers who are my pride and joy. My daughter Shasta is a junior, my son Ashton is an eighth grader, and my son Dorian is a freshman. I would love to bore you with interesting things, such as my hobbies, but I really don’t have any to give you; however, I will say I am a true southerner who loves to sip her sweet tea and watching countless hours of one of football, one of my favorite past times.

If you’d like to get connected with Brandy, you can send her an email here. Thanks for reading! We hope you all have a great weekend!


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