New Series: Weekly Wrap Up


Happy Friday! It’s basically a frozen tundra here in Calhoun, and most everywhere else in Georgia, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and get comfortable for the first post in our new series: “Weekly Wrap Up”. Periodically, we’re going to be sharing our favorite posts, articles, videos, and stories from around the web. We want to focus on the positive things that people are doing to impact their communities – whether that’s supported employment, equality for those with disabilities, giving, or speaking out for the voiceless in our society – and leave you ready for the weekend with a smile on your face. Now if only we could make spring come early…

The Duchess of Cambridge Has an Empowering Message for Children Facing Mental Health Stigma…And For The Rest of Us

Who doesn’t love Kate? She’s classy and beautiful and, most importantly, she speaks up about issues that matter. Diana would be proud.


Lawmakers Look to Rein in Alternative Diplomas

We’re glad to see that members of Congress are considering the educational needs of students with disabilities on a case-by-case basis and also reviewing the impact alternative testing could have on their futures.


Autistic High School Student Mikey Brannigan Receives Sports Illustrated Coveted High School Athlete of the Month Award

“You can do anything you want. You have it inside you.”


Inspiring TED Talk from Barbara Arrowsmith on Childhood Learning Disabilities and the Neuroplasticity of the Brain

“Our brain shapes us. It makes us uniquely who we are.”


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