From the Web: Our Favorites

From the Web (1)

The internet is a never-ending source of entertainment and amusement. It’s also a pretty great place for inspiration and encouragement, if you’re looking in the right places. So, to get your week started off right, we’ve gathered up a few of our favorite links from around the internet for your viewing pleasure. Grab your coffee and let’s get to it!

#TargetDoesItAgain: Target’s latest Halloween ad features a little girl with disabilities. Hooray for our favorite place to lose all our money!

Wanderlust: These two amazing women both have physical disabilities, but that hasn’t stopped them from traveling the world!

United Airlines Makes a Mistake…And Does Something About It: A man with cerebral palsy was left without the aisle chair he needed to access the airplane restroom. So he had to crawl there. Thankfully, United Airlines took steps to right their wrong.

Cart Fit for a Princess: A grocery store in Colorado ordered an extra-large, forward-facing cart for a little girl with cerebral palsy, and now other stores are joining in.

What are some of your favorites?

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