Weekly Wrap-Up//04

WWU 04

Happy Friday! It’s our favorite time of the week again, and we’re back today to share some of the best links from around the web. These articles had us laughing, cheering, and nodding our heads like, “Yes, AMEN.” Grab yourself a coffee, sit back, and enjoy.

“Not special needs. Just human needs.”

Yes, we already shared this on our Facebook page, but we’re sharing it again because it’s JUST. THAT. GOOD.

Women Doing Work to Erase Disability Stigma

Because this will never NOT be awesome.

Medicaid Is Safe, For Now.

Don’t mind us. We’re just happy dancing over here.

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

For every parent who has had to endure yet ANOTHER Chuck E. Cheese party, this just bumped them up a few cool points.


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