Weekly Wrap-Up//05

Weekly Wrap-Up 05.png

It has been a hard few weeks, hasn’t it? Hurricanes Harvey and Irma inflicting catastrophic damage across Texas and the Caribbean, earthquakes devastating Mexico, and the horrific attack on Las Vegas which resulted in the loss of 59 lives. Sometimes it can feel like the world is too wrong and we are too weak to do anything about it.

But that is not true.

We are powerful beyond belief. We can do hard things and we can do good things. In fact, it’s when the darkness falls that the light shines brighter. So to end this sad, troublesome week, we are sharing some of the best news we found from across the web: stories of hope, stories of generosity, stories of humor and joy. Stories of humanity at its best, at its truest.

Celebrities Share Awkward Puberty Photos to Raise Money for Puerto Rico Relief and the World Seems Right Again for a Moment

Blood Donors Line Up for Vegas

Employment for People with Disabilities Getting Congressional Attention

A Twitter Love Story

Happy Friday!


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