A Hope For 2018


It seems like we say this every December, but we can’t believe it’s almost a new year! 2017 was full of lessons—some hard, but all important—and we are beginning 2018 with a renewed sense of optimism about the future of our agency.

Like so many others, we are hoping 2018 will initiate a wave of justice in the world. Much has changed in the past twelve months, not just for our nation and our communities, but across the globe. More than ever, we are witnessing opportunities to be bold in our faith and in our optimism; not because our lives are without struggle or because the systems we live by are working perfectly, but because with hardship and change come growth and perseverance. We are a part of that work, a very crucial part, and so are you. Each of us has a very important role to play, and while it can be easy—particularly in this part of the world—to be convinced that we live in a vacuum, our ideas and choices impact the people around us.

Our greatest hope for this next year is that we will all learn to embrace that reality and put our influence to the best use for the most amount of good.

We hope you enjoy these last two days of 2017 and we wish you a beautiful—and impactful—2018!


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