A Farewell from Our CEO

Mary's Retirement Photo
It is with great excitement—and also sadness—that I announce the news of my upcoming retirement. While I am looking forward to my future adventure thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, I will certainly miss my colleagues, and my friends, at the George Chambers Resource Center.
I am most appreciative of all the years I have been able to devote toward advocacy on behalf of all individuals supported by George Chambers. I am equally appreciative and grateful to the Board of Directors of George Chambers for their unwavering support throughout my tenure.
We have seen some wonderful things happen and made some significant impacts in the area of human service, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done. The organization has expanded its mission and vision to support the full integration of individuals with cognitive disabilities and operates fully on a person-centered philosophy. In the last ten years, George Chambers has expanded the organization to include significant contracts with vocational rehabilitation, transportation, developmental disabilities supports, employment, specialized medical supplies, respite, in-home supports, and employment training. Audits and Accreditation visits of the organization consistently show compliance at 100% and the organization is well-respected for maintaining excellent records and supports. The most important success, though, has been our commitment to the belief that all individuals, regardless of disability, have a right to engage in community and have access to community in the same way as those without disabilities.
I’ve made some of the most unconditional and loving friendships here. This has never been work for me; it’s just been a beautiful human experience engaging with people in the place where they’re at and having them engage with me in the same unconditional way.
Advocating for and with people with disabilities is still my life’s work, and I will forever continue to advocate on behalf of any disenfranchised person.
I wish George Chambers Resource Center, my colleagues, all individuals and their families, our Board of Directors, and all stakeholders a wonderful future and continued success in advocating and continuing the great work that has been a part of this organization for so long.
Hike on,

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