Meet GCRC: Glenda Collins, Assistant to the CEO


Happy Monday!

We hope you all had a merry Christmas and a very happy  holidays! We’re excited to see what this new year is going to  hold for us and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Today, we are continuing our series “Meet GCRC” and we  would like to introduce Glenda Collins, Assistant to the CEO.  Glenda is a huge blessing to our organization because she is  the one we count on for all the little details. She works  incredibly hard and we are so glad to have her!

Hi! My name is Glenda Collins and I’m the Assistant to the CEO. I have been employed with George Chambers Resource Center since October of 2012. I am also the Secretary of George Chambers Resource Center’s Board of Directors. Working with George Chambers Resource Center has been a great opportunity & experience for me. I have a different outlook on life and can see things in a way I never really understood before. I am so thankful to get to share what George Chambers Resource Center provides for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Outside of work, I am a wife and mother. My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we have been married for five years. We have two beautiful little girls, Kymberly and Katelyn Collins. They are both my world! Family is everything to me!


If you want to say hi to Glenda, feel free to send her an email using our contact page.


Meet GCRC: Wendi Nunnery, Social Media & Public Relations Specialist

Wendi and family

Today we want to introduce another GCRC staff  member to our readers. Her name is Wendi Nunnery  and she is our Social Media & Public Relations  Specialist. Wendi has been a part of our team since  December of 2013 and we are so glad to have her!  Learn more about Wendi below:

Hi there! As you know, my name is Wendi and I’m  GCRC’s Social Media & Public Relations Specialist.  Basically, I’m in charge of all of our social media  accounts, including the management of this blog, as  well as representing GCRC in the media. I spend my  time online all day, every day, creating schedules for our social media accounts, which include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (where you should follow us!), reading and re-posting relevant news, researching, and writing everything from short film scripts, emails, and press releases to blogs entries and social media updates. I also attend Kiwanis meetings each week as a representative of GCRC and get to connect with other people in our community there. A few months ago, I had the very special privilege of shooting, scripting, and producing a short film you might have seen called For Your Consideration: A Look at Supported Employment. The film was created to showcase what our region has been doing to provide employment opportunities with individuals with disabilities and, most importantly, to reveal just how valuable this cause is, not only for those with disabilities but for the general public, as well.

I’ve been working with GCRC for a year now and it has been so much fun getting to know our staff and the individuals we support. It has opened my eyes to a community I have always known existed, but didn’t really understand. And now the passion our team has for helping serve those who have often been disregarded by society is a passion I share. I’m thankful that I get to spread the word about what we do with others and I hope that people will come to care about individuals with disabilities as much as we do.

Outside of work, I am an author, wife, mother, and friend, among other things. I am active in our church where I volunteer and lead a small group of some really incredible women. My husband and I have been married for six years and we have a little girl named Lucy who just turned one. She is the sweetest baby and we adore her! I am also a Huffington Post blogger and my debut noel, The Best Kept Secret, will be released by BookFish Books on June 2, 2015.

Thanks for letting me share a bit of my world with you today. Please feel free to keep up with our work by following us on Instagram and Twitter @GCRCOfficial. You can also Like our Facebook page here. If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @ladynunnery or Like my Facebook page here. You can also read my blog.

Meet GCRC: Mary West Barclay, CEO

Mary and her youngest daughter, Kati.

Hi! It’s me again, Mary. If you’ve been following our blog, then you know the work we’ve been up to this year.

We are now into our second quarter of the FY 15 and are looking forward to accomplishing the completion of our new addition. I am told we should be in the building by October of 2015. A year away, but I know from experience it will go by so very fast. I am excited that GCRC will have the opportunity to continue to offer supports that individuals are requesting. This new building will allow for training in so many areas, but not just any training. These training opportunities will allow for individual employment, financial management, and independent living. I simply can’t wait.

There are also some very big things happening with all of our staff members and this blog will be one of many where you will get to know each one of us here at GCRC on a more personal basis. We are not just employees, just like individuals with disabilities are not just their disability. If you haven’t had the chance to read through our blog, please do. We have introduced a few individuals and plan to continue giving you a chance to know all of us.
Personally, I am in one of the biggest transitions of any parent’s life. My youngest girl, Kati, is a senior in high school this year. She is also a varsity football cheerleader so I’m sure you know where my Friday nights have been spent. Thank goodness I have warm boots, gloves, and blankets. As a matter of fact, I take enough with me to the games that I could outfit anyone who’s cold. Sometimes, I am entirely covered, except for my face. I must have my eyes peeking out to watch my girl cheer. We all know that’s why I attend. I am beaming with pride at my growing up girl. And I do watch a little football while I am there.
Kati graduates in May. Senior pictures are done. Her class ring is bought. Invitations and cap and gown are next and, before I know it, she will be headed off to college, if she ever picks one. She is looking at Georgia Southern this weekend, her sister’s alma mater. She also applied to Auburn University last night. Her grandfather, grandmother, and dad attended there and she kind of wants to follow in their footsteps, too. She is also looking at UGA, Georgia Tech, and the State University of West Georgia. Oh, how I wish she would look at the University of Tennessee. Go Vols!
My children have been my life. Three of them are grown and have families of their own. When this baby leaves the nest, I wonder how that will feel. I have been a parent since I was 20 years old. I am now 53, I think. You forget your age often when you get older. There is no longer anticipation of the next birthday, but rather simply trying to remember how old you will be. I find that very funny. One year, I actually told people I was a year older than I really was. How pleasant to finally figure out I was younger than I thought.
Anyway, my media and public relations specialist, Wendi, thought it would be a good idea for you guys to see the person behind the CEO and asked me to write up a little something about myself. I hope this will give you insight into not just me, but our staff, our agency, our philosophy of person-centeredness, and how getting to know everyone on an individual basis changes how you see them. This is our goal with our supports and for the individuals for whom we provide those supports.
Come by. Visit. Say hello. We would love to meet you, too!

#HowIBuildBridges Campaign


Happy Friday!

This month, we’re hoping to give our followers and our  readers a chance to share what they’ve been doing in their  communities to serve others. We’ve all done something in our  lives to serve others, and some of you are out there doing it  every single day. Kudos! And while serving others and giving  sacrificially is not something we should do in order to receive  accolades, it’s certainly nice to be appreciated. And that’s  what we’re doing now with our #HowIBuildBridges  Campaign.

#HowIBuildBridges is an opportunity for you to take a picture,  write a blog, or create a post on social media that lets us know how you are building bridges in your community. Are you a tutor or an after-school volunteer? Are you a Bible study leader or a friendly neighborhood trash picker-upper? Do you work in the soup kitchen on weekends? Perhaps you’ve offered to take your sister’s kids to school twice a week. Whatever it is, big or small, we want to know about it!

So, all through the month of October (and certainly beyond), we invite you to share your service with our agency by following us on Twitter and Instagram @GCRCOfficial and creating a post using the hash tag #HowIBuildBridges. Don’t forget to tag us! You can also Like us on Facebook and share your stories with us there.

Every act of service makes a big difference in our communities and in our world. Thanks for being a part of that change!

“For Your Consideration” Available to Watch Now!

It is with great excitement and very thankful hearts that we present our supported employment short film, “For Your Consideration”, for your viewing pleasure.

We are so proud of this project and of the initiative from which it was born. The Region 1 Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities, along with the Quality Improvement Council and all Region 1 providers, came together to ask the question: How can we really create change regarding the employment of individuals with developmental disabilities? Will anyone listen to us? We weren’t exactly sure. But we thought they would listen to the individuals themselves. And, as a result, “For Your Consideration” transformed into a story, rather than a monologue. A compilation of lives and goals and passions, rather than just statistics.

Our goal with this film is to reveal the true value in hiring individuals with developmental disabilities. We understand that the hesitation in doing so comes with the need for experience – for knowledge – and those things can only come from taking risks. Employers take risks every single day for the sake of business. And studies have shown that supported employees, on average, cost employers less money, have higher satisfaction and retention rates, and ultimately require less supervision than do traditional employees. So, truly, the benefit of hiring these individuals is far greater than it is anything else.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Watch the whole video now and let us know what you think in the comments!

“For Your Consideration”


Introducing: “For Your Consideration” Cover Art

Presented byRegion 1 Department of

We’d like to take this opportunity very quickly to introduce the cover art for our supported employment DVD, “For Your Consideration”. The title was inspired by the phrase “Thank you for your consideration”, which is commonly used in cover letters written by hopeful job applicants.

The title is simple, and it was important that the design be simple, too. It has one message and one goal: to challenge employers who haven’t yet considered hiring individuals with developmental disabilities to think outside the box. It is our hope that after they view this DVD, they will.

Be sure to keep checking back here, and on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, for more information on the DVD! We’ll post the link to the program once it’s finalized.

As always, thanks for reading and supporting our work.

For Your Consideration: A Look at Supported Employment

For the last few weeks, we’ve been working on a short film that takes a peek into the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities who are working and living independently. It also delves into the importance of hiring these individuals, and how, as our CEO so articulately states in the film, “An investment in a person with a disability is the same as an investment in a person without…They’re being given opportunities so that when they are integrated and walk out into the world, they walk the same way we do into all those experiences that we’ve been able to have.”FYC

And, today, we’re proud to announce the title of this short film: For Your Consideration.

During brainstorming sessions over the title, we thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of commonly-used phrases in the hiring and job application processes. We wanted to convey a sense of need that could also be married with a sense of purpose. All individuals need to work and make an income. And all individuals look for purpose in their lives. It can come in many forms: family, friendships, faith, service, art, and, of course, work. So we’re here to help make that happen, not just as a provider of supports for individuals with developmental disabilities, but as people who genuinely care about our fellow men and want their lives to be enriched by opportunity.

The truth is these individuals don’t need to believe they can achieve something. They know they can. And now it’s our turn to believe it, too.

The film is currently in the editing stage and will be submitted for review next week. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @GCRCOfficial, and also Like us on Facebook, to keep up with our agency and receive updates about the film’s release. A few of our team members will also be attending the Business Expo at Calhoun High School on October 22nd from 10 a.m.-2:00 p.m. where we’ll be handing out a limited number of free DVD copies, so stop by and see us!

Until next time…